Dividing The Power

If you have an all-wheel or a four-wheel drive car, then you likely have a transfer case on the vehicle. This is a part that allows the axles to work together for the proper function of the vehicle while driving. Before getting a vehicle at Brinson Ford Lincoln of Athens, you need to understand the importance of the transfer case.

The transfer case is a part that divides the power of the vehicle to all of the wheels. There could be lower gears involved with the transfer case as well. A different transfer case design is used for each type of all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle. A vehicle that is four-wheel drive all the time would have a different case than one that is only in four-wheel drive part of the time.

When visiting a dealership in Athens, you need to think about the conditions of the roads you're traveling and the kind of vehicle that you'll need. These details can impact the type of transmission and the power from the vehicle that you require, such as an all-wheel drive for all types of driving conditions.


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