What is the Lifespan of A Muffler?

Unfortunately, the muffler is a part that will wear out and eventually need replaced. The answer to how long a muffler should last depends on several things. The first is the materials from which the muffler is made. The second is the conditions that it is exposed to on a regular basis.

On average, most mufflers last between three and five years. Aluminum coated stainless steel and certain alloy mufflers may last longer. Vehicles that are driven where the roads are heavily salted can be expected to have a shorter lifespan, regardless of the material from which it is made.

An investment in a good muffler system is well worth the cost, especially when one considers that the exhaust system has an effect on improved fuel efficiency. The professionals at Brinson Ford Lincoln of Athens can help you choose an exhaust system that is right for your vehicle.

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