Headlight Maintenance for Lights That Come On Automatically

Many new cars are equipped with headlights that turn on automatically in certain conditions or when it starts to get dark. If the headlights are not working or functioning as they should, the dash should illuminate with a warning that directs you to change the bulb. The vast majority of newer vehicles are telling you anytime there is something not working properly in the vehicle.

If the dash light comes on and you need a new headlight, you will want to replace both bulbs in order for the lights to beam the same amount of light. It is also vital that you make sure they are lined up correctly to allow for you to see the best in the dark of night.

If you do not know how to check to see if a bulb is lined up properly, Brinson Ford Lincoln of Athens is going to be able to check that for you as well as to help to install the headlights.
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